Roofing: Will my roof look as good as new after I get new shingles installed?

With all of the shingle style and color options available today you can easily transform your old roof into a beautiful showpiece. Your roof might be the most visible feature on your home and new shingles can improve the curb appeal dramatically. While new shingles will improve the overall look of your home it will not hide structural irregularities such as sags or dips in the roof or sagging overhangs.

New shingles will follow the contours of the structure and can make these deficiencies more prominent. The current laminated dimensional shingles will assist in masking these deficiencies. When a roof is reshingled flashing details at chimneys, dormers and stucco walls have been disrupted and will never be like new. This could mean having to install surface flashings or to surface seal areas on a roof depending on its condition. Each house is unique and requires its own special attention to ensure that it is trouble free for years to come. With some homes this may require periodic maintenance.

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