Eaves edge: What materials should be used on the eaves edge on my roof?

As per the building code roofs with slopes of 4/12 to less than 8/12 you can use glass base sheet or ice & water membrane at the eaves edge. Felt or poly is no longer acceptable as an eaves edge application. For roofs with slopes 8/12 and over or unheated roofs no eaves edge underlayment is required although we recommend that one be installed.

If you have an overhang of 24 inches over a heated roof area you must have a minimum of 44 inches of eaves edge underlayment. Many companies use products that are 36 inches in width which do not meet the building code requirements. That is why Dr Roof uses a 44 inch ice & water membrane. Make sure your contractor is meeting the minimum requirements.

Drip flashing can also be installed at the eaves edge but is completely optional. It is only required on low slope roofs.

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