Shingle replacement: When should I consider replacing my shingles?

Don’t wait until your roof leaks before replacing your shingles. Your shingles are like tires on a car. They wear out gradually over time and at some point they become unable to perform they way they were designed to. If you leave it too long not only will you be replacing the shingles but you will also have interior repairs to deal with, possible deck rot to replace and wet insulation in the attic.

You should consider having your roof inspected or your shingles replaced if you have:

  • worn valleys
  • roof leaks (waited too long)
  • missing or damaged shingles
  • shingles that are 15 to 20 years old
  • severe curling (some curling is natural in the aging process)
  • excessive granule loss (some granule loss is normal especially with new shingles)
  • a desire to upgrade and change the appearance of your home with architectural shingles
  • severe ice dam or condensation problems that require extensive repairs to rectify the problems

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