Costs: How much does it cost to replace the shingles on a roof?

The cost of a reroof depends on many factors:

  • Size of the job
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Safety requirements
  • Pitch or slope of the roof
  • Building code requirements
  • Type and brand of shingles being used
  • Location; for example in town or out of town
  • How many layers of existing shingles there are
  • Desired options such as ice & water shield, underlayments, drip flashing etc
  • Any extras that may be required such as board replacement or structural repairs

The cost for a small bungalow could be approximately $3000.00 depending on the above noted factors. Add an attached garage and the price goes up. A mid size bungalow with an attached garage could cost anywhere from $5000.00 and up. If you have a steep roof or a low slope roof the price goes up accordingly. A 2 ½ story steep roof would cost even more due to it’s degree of difficulty. The only way to get an accurate price is to have a qualified estimator come out and do an evaluation and inspection of your roof.

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