Roofing: Can I strip my own roof and save some money on the job?

It is our experience that this is not advisable and saves the customer very little if any money. Scheduling is the biggest problem. Trying to coordinate when you will be ready for our crew can cause conflicts with scheduling. It can be a big problem if there are any delays and if there is any rain in the interim. You don’t want your house exposed to the elements overnight because if it rained your entire house would be ruined. It is also much more difficult to strip the roof than most homeowners imagine. Disposal of the old roofing material must also be factored in. Unless you have access to a dump truck or a large trailer you could end up making many trips to the landfill. Once you are at the landfill, all of your debris will need to be unloaded again by hand. Inevitably most homeowners that have tried this wish they had never taken on the job.

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